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How do you know whether you will be able to have children

Having made the decision to have a child, a woman may not be prepared for the fact that the pregnancy does not occur in the first month. With each new failure occurred creep doubt whether there is any possibility of pregnancy. In this case, it is necessary to try to find out whether you can have children.

How do you know whether you will be able to have children

You will need:

- visit a family planning center; - To pass the necessary tests.

Instruction how to find out whether you will be able to have children

Step 1:

Evaluate what your menstrual cycle. Usually it is the periodicity of 26-34 days, and last for 3-5 days of release. If the cycle is too short or too long, or if its duration varies from month to month, it is likely that the work of the ovaries may be incorrect.

Step 2:

Measure the basal temperature within one cycle. If about two weeks before menstruation occurs a jump in 0,4ºS, then ovulation occurs.

Step 3:

Contact your family planning center or to a local gynecologist in the antenatal clinic. During the initial examination, the doctor will take a swab from the vagina, which will help to identify the infection, if any. Quite often this is the cause of infertility.

Step 4:

Also, the doctor will prescribe a blood test for hormones. Normally, examined the concentration of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, luteinizing hormone, prolactin, testosterone, thyroid-stimulating hormone. But, based on the survey, and the doctor may prescribe additional tests.

Step 5:

Make an ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries. It will show whether there are any irregularities in the functioning of these bodies.

Step 6:

Check the patency of the tubes. There are several methods that allow you to find out whether the fallopian tube procedure. Most doctors use by hysteroscopy. Also, you may be offered procedures such as hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy.

Step 7:

Ask your partner to consult with the andrologist and deliver the semen analysis. After all, the cause of infertility is not always covered in disorders of the female body.

Step 8:

There is also an analysis called "post-coital test." It helps to assess whether male sperm to penetrate the cervical mucus of women.