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How much should weigh the backpack first-grader?

Gradually passes summer. Not far off is the day when the children go to school - the feast of knowledge. Especially volnitelen it will be for parents of first-graders. Fathers and mothers have long been engaged in that collect the child to school. Although here the whole training program, it will be only about one thing - that in which are textbooks, notebooks, pencil case with pens and pencils.

How much should weigh the backpack first-grader?

In Soviet times it was a well-known portfolio. He is now. But the alternative to it began to make more backpacks and school backpacks. However, rucksacks were known in tsarist times - see the paintings. But then they were forgotten. Cause? Most likely, that was on the leather satchels. And it was expensive. And it was not enough in the country. It is much easier to sew portfolios turned out cheap leatherette.

But then (in the second half of the twentieth century), doctors have sounded the alarm, noting that carrying heavy briefcases spoils bearing children. During a rather long discussion doctors agreed on a compromise: a portfolio of "give" to high school students and students of junior classes stitching backpacks. Based on the fact that a small weight behind young children even useful, because it makes not to bend forward. 

School bags are now sew a lot - on any, as they say, the taste. But there was a problem about which to argue doctors do not even guessed. Modern textbooks are now thicker than the former. Consequently, heavier. Under the program, they are now more. In addition, mandatory for school attendance was the second shoe. For her backpack has a special department. Significantly more expensive lunches in the school cafeteria are forcing parents to abandon the introduction of money on them and equip a child in a plastic bag lunch of homemade products.

The result is that the backpack weight from the first-grader - around four kilos! And this despite the fact that doctors recommend parents to ensure the child behind a low weight: the girls - up to two kilograms, the boys - on half a kilo more. I wonder whether the weight of the backpack is taken into account? 

Although school backpacks sew two categories (girls and boys), they only differ in color scheme, but not by weight! And if the "extra" to 200-300 grams of weight for a boy allowed to the recommended two and a half kilograms, for the girl is a noticeable load on his back. Obviously, for girls backpacks must be more compact, of lighter materials. But the standard, unfortunately, the same. 

It has become urgent question: how to reduce the weight of the backpack for the first-graders to the recommended medical? There are several ways. First of all, when buying guided by the size and weight of the backpack. It makes no sense to buy a backpack, made out of heavy material. Of course, it is quite acceptable for older-age children, but to take "for growth" first grade - so do not think about their health. Relatively heavy backpack should be only orthopedic backrest made of solid material. For example, cardboard or thin plastic. Everything else - light weight. 

Buy a backpack it is necessary to its fitting on the child in the store. If the backpack straps are not regulated, it makes the child to hold their hands from slipping, a backpack is clearly not necessary. Fitting to spend wearable weights (here you can instead use any textbooks other books and articles). 

Pay particular attention to the second shoe that your child will need to take with you to school. It should be free to enter into a knapsack, be easy and convenient. 

How to further reduce the weight of the backpack? Of course, it is desirable to make money on meals in the school cafeteria. There is hot and fresh. But if this is not possible, you need to put in a backpack only light foods. 

And one more important tip. From the first days of study, ask the child to negotiate with a partner (co-worker), and who in turn brings some books on home occupations. The nuance here is that often in the classroom there is no need to have on the table two identical textbook - is sufficient one, open to the correct page.