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How not raskormit child

For the harmonious development of the child should be able to organize his food properly. However, you should make sure that as a result of the child does not gain weight, which makes it difficult even at a young age.

How not raskormit child

Instruction how not raskormit child

Step 1:

Make sure that the child drinks. Various ready-made juices, if we are not talking about special products for the youngest children, contain large amounts of calories, but their usefulness is questionable for your health. It is best to replace a drinking plain water or tea too strong. And if the child will want to juice it is better to make fresh, and if necessary, dilute it with water without adding sugar.

Step 2:

Set clear diet. It is desirable that the child came out of infancy, ate three or four times a day for a fixed time. If necessary, the power can be more than a fraction, but so that it is not turned into a snack. If your son or daughter to get hungry between meals, it is best to think of authorized products. For example, it may be carrot or apple may biscuits with a low sugar content. The main thing that in the snack is not included such useless products like potato chips and other snacks.

Step 3:

Do not force a child to eat if he had no appetite. However, it should be borne in mind that the next time he will be able to eat only at set times for meals.

Step 4:

Eliminate from your diet foods such as sweet soda and chips. Limit your intake of sweets, such as chocolate bars. The best solution may be the ice cream - it contains fewer calories and is also popular with the children. It is also advisable not to take the children to a variety of fast food restaurants, and if no other way, choose from a range that is more or less corresponds to a healthy diet. Use the fact that at least up to the lower grades of the school, you can plnostyu control the child's diet.

Step 5:

Review the diet of the family. Reduce your fat intake. For example, this can be done by eliminating or reducing the amount of mayonnaise meals with him. Try to use other sauces, salad dressing - vegetable oil, baking - various sauces sour cream or flour based. Keep in mind that eating habits laid in childhood, often remain for life. Teach a child to eat healthy products, you will do him a great service.