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How not to catch chickenpox from a child

In the childhood chickenpox is transferred relatively easily, and three weeks after the onset of illness kid in a green spot is returned to school or kindergarten. With adults the situation is different - high fever and rash, traces of which can remain for life, a variety of complications. If at one time you had chickenpox, you need to take care not to catch it on the child.

How not to catch chickenpox from a child

You will need:

- vaccination against varicella; - "Acyclovir"; - "TSikloferon".

Instruction how to not catch chickenpox from a child

Step 1:

Varicella vaccine is developed, allowing to fully protect themselves from the disease or have had mild. Make the vaccine for both adults and children older than one year. Teenagers older than thirteen years and adults should be vaccinated twice, the kids being vaccinated once. Acting vaccine begins within seventy-two hours, so if you came home sick, it makes sense to be vaccinated.

Step 2:

Try to minimize contact with the baby get infected. To entrust the care of him spouse, grandparents, aunt - people who had been ill with chicken pox. There is nothing to be ashamed of, because otherwise, your loved ones will have to care for two patients.

Step 3:

Chickenpox - a disease transmitted by airborne droplets. Therefore, you should take the standard measures for preventing such diseases. Regularly ventilate the room and wear a gauze bandage. Highlight a sick child a separate bowl, towel. This will lower the risk of infection. How can often do the cleaning, treat the subjects with which contacted the sick child, a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Step 4:

A person with low immunity are much easier to catch than healthy. Constantly strengthen the immune system, eat fruits and vegetables, take vitamin complexes, and get enough sleep. Of course, this does not completely protect you from the risk of ill, but the chance of chickenpox will be less.

Step 5:

An integrated reception "Acyclovir" and "Cyclopheron" may protect the adult chicken pox, even if he is in constant contact with the infected child. "Acyclovir" Typically prescribed to drink within three weeks of the child's disease, "TSikloferon" is taken only in the first week until the chicken pox is contagious. If you have decided to protect themselves by means of medication, you should consult with your doctor about medications and their dosages.