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How not to give the baby to sleep

Many mothers have encountered a problem when the child begins to fall asleep at the wrong time. You have five minutes left before you enter the apartment, and crumb starts sleepy right in a wheelchair. If you give your baby to sleep now, you can kill a full day of rest, so you need to make sure that the child does not sleep.

How not to give the baby to sleep

Instruction how to not give the baby to sleep

Step 1:

The vast majority of children have their own regime. They want to sleep, eat and play in about the same time. Observe your child and plan trips so that manage to return home to the time the baby will pull to sleep.

Step 2:

They saw that the child is going to sleep - start to distract him by talking. Calling his attention to interesting things happening around you ( "Look, the dog ran", "Look, we are singing bird").

Step 3:

Bring a toy for a walk, you can give your child, if he started to fall asleep. It should not be a doll or a typewriter, with which the kid plays constantly. The toy is newer, the higher interest will cause it to him. If you do not capture anything from the house, which could attract the child's attention and make him forget about the dream, you can give your child the thing that will cause his interest - a mirror, bobby pin, keychain on the keys.

Step 4:

Give your child a treat - an apple or a cookie. Of course, until the baby is eating, he would not fall asleep.

Step 5:

If your child is very small, in order to wake him up, you can pull his hands or cheeks, wipe the face with a damp cloth, to undo the jacket (of course, if the baby is not facing the common cold).

Step 6:

It is believed that classical music and pleasant jazz melodies soothe the child and help him fall asleep faster. In turn, dynamic music interferes with normal sleep. Turn on your mobile phone popular song, ask your child to sing along with you.

Step 7:

Promise and a half-two-year child, that his house will be waiting for something interesting - a treat, cartoon, dad returned from work. Tell us what cartoon amusing, and my father will be happy to see her baby. Then crumb and he will try not to sleep, not to miss a significant event for him.