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How not to go crazy in the decree

You think that is very bored on maternity leave, because every day is similar to the previous one? Try to look at this important time in a different way and have a decree for the benefit of themselves and the future baby.

How not to go crazy in the decree

Instruction how not to go crazy in the decree

Step 1:

Going on maternity leave, try to be sure to attend school mums. Information relating to childbirth, breastfeeding and baby care products, very soon will come in handy. It will help to gain confidence, to dispel fears of childbirth, appear in many pregnant women, will give an idea about what you will. You will find new friends - such as expectant mothers, just like you. By sharing knowledge and experience, together attending physical education classes for pregnant women, walking with strollers after the birth of a baby, you can make up for the lack of communication and time to brighten up the decree.

Step 2:

Remember that the expectant mother very much needed positive emotions: only a happy woman can raise a happy child. While still in the womb, the baby has a lot of feeling and hearing. If the mother is well, he will also be calm, my mother was nervous, excited, pipsqueak can not help feel that the impact on its development. So try to take care of their emotional state, plenty of rest, do what he likes. Take some time for hiking in the fresh air, even hour walk briskly change the mood, give courage. Do not give up an active life and meeting up with old friends, go for a visit, visit museums, theaters. When a baby is born, ask relatives sometimes substitute for you while you are, for example, will meet in the near cafe with friends or go to the movies with her husband.

Step 3:

Perhaps you've always wanted to learn the technique of decoupage, embroidery ribbons or learn something new, but putting it off until later due to lack of time. Maternity leave - a good time to do interesting work. When a baby is born, but it is still quite small, free minutes will not be so much. But if you are planning to advance the time and allow yourself to stay a little bit without a child, for example, while my father or grandmother walking with a stroller or until a pipsqueak sleeping, sometimes able to enjoy a favorite pastime. After all, my mother has to take care and not only think about the baby, but also about themselves. She just need to replenish lost energy and strength to then share them with your baby.