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How not to spoil the life of his child

To be a good parent, not only to provide the child with everything you need: food, drink, shelter, clothing, toys, medicines. It is not enough to give him an education. It is important to raise him.

How not to spoil the life of his child

Instruction how not to ruin the life of your child

Step 1:

Learn the basics of child psychology. For this obzavedites relevant literature, get training films or look for information on the Internet. Knowing how a children's psyche, will help you understand what you need for your child.

Step 2:

Give your child not only love, but also respect. It is very important to feel that it is believed that he - a man, albeit small.

Step 3:

Do not trust the training methods proposed by other parents or teachers, blindly and unconditionally. Remember that your child is unique, and the approach to it must be your own. There is no universal system that allows the child to grow perfect. There are only the basic, immutable truth, the rest you have to find yourself.

Step 4:

Encourage your child's independence. If it is already at an age to choose their own clothes, let him do it. Gradually teach him to care for himself, prepare and maintain cleanliness.

Step 5:

Try not to interfere in his relationship with peers. Exceptions may only be the extreme cases: when you see that the child is suffering from something or feel that you got a negative impact.

Step 6:

Forget about double standards. If you teach a child to be polite - do not swear in front of him. You want to he cleaned himself - do not leave the dishes unwashed and not seasoned bed. All that you need from the child, and should do yourself.

Step 7:

Take care of the baby's health. Watch out for his food and childhood accustom to healthy food. In addition, it is important that the child is physically active. Make a daily charge must-see destination of his schedule.

Step 8:

Follow the self-esteem of the child. Do not let him teased, and he felt worse than others. Explain to your child that all people are different, and learn to give verbal rebuff offenders. Try to dress him well, is a very important factor in the popularity in children's society.

Step 9:

Engaged in the development of the child. School education is not enough to succeed. Let your child attends the sports section, art or music school. Be sure to ask what he wanted to do himself, and do not force the child to engage in perspective, from your point of view, the case.

Step 10:

Teach your child to express their feelings. Emotions, especially negative, demanding release. Talk with your baby when you see that not everything is in order, let him to talk with him.