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How not to swell during pregnancy

Swelling in pregnancy are fairly common. Especially dangerous fluid retention in the tissues during the second half of pregnancy, so it is important to adjust your diet so as to reduce swelling or prevent their occurrence.

How not to swell during pregnancy

Instruction they do not swell during pregnancy

Step 1:

In order not to swell during pregnancy, monitor the amount consumed and fluid levels. If allocated much less, then reduce the amount of salt. Without this limitation, reduce the amount of fluid intake is useless, because it is salt contributes to the appearance of edema.

Step 2:

Note that a liquid is not only water or tea. Soups, juicy fruits and vegetables must also be taken into account when calculating the amount of fluid consumed. If very juicy fruit, such as pears, grapes, watermelons, their weight can be added in pure form to the volume of fluid which has been drunk for days.

Step 3:

Thinking about how to reduce the amount of fluid, keep in mind that tea or compote of special value for the body of women and children do not have, while in the pulp of fruit contains essential vitamins.

Step 4:

Try to reduce the use of salt in its pure form, as its abundant enough in the finished products factory production: cheese, sausage, bread. If the taste of food without salt is not like, add it in the plate and not in the preparation of the product.

Step 5:

Exclude from the menu pickles, sauerkraut, herring, smoked. Not only do they contain a lot of salt, but also provoke craving.

Step 6:

Do not attempt to completely abandon the water, it is necessary for metabolic processes. Even with severe swelling of her needs at least a liter. Drink only pure water, carbonated drinks do not quench thirst, as well as too sweet.