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How not to worry about during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women's emotional state is extremely unstable. During this period, they are inherent in the increased sensitivity, unreasonable feelings, which may affect the well-being of mothers and the health of her baby. But if some effort, you can avoid the symptoms of excessive anxiety.

How not to worry about during pregnancy

You will need:

- Music and candles for meditation; - A disc with the film; - Book.

Instruction how to not worry about during pregnancy

Step 1:

Take yoga. This will be helpful not only for your health, but also help you to focus solely on the positive aspects of life, to cope with stressful situations. There are many types of yoga, which are ideal for pregnant women.

Step 2:

Pregnancy - is a great way to meditate. It is enough to light the candles and turn on some relaxing music. Sit in a comfortable position, such as "Turkish". Relax your body and mind, try not to think about those things that cause distress. At first it will be difficult, but with time you learn to control your thoughts and avoid those that contribute to the emergence of negative emotions. You will only need ten to fifteen minutes of meditation to reach a state of complete rest, regain your strength, as if from a long sleep.

Step 3:

A good way to get rid of feelings - samoubezhdenie. All proceeds from the human consciousness. By learning to control it, you will be able to manage their emotions. Remember that only your self-control will contribute to the good development of the child.

Step 4:

If you feel that something starts to bother you, irritate, cause unnecessary feelings, you need to turn your attention to something else. For example, just sit and watch your favorite movie or finish reading a book, which has long been on the shelf. You can do the cleaning in the house, or just go for a walk.

Step 5:

If before pregnancy you a lot of time was given to the work, taking on a big load of responsibility at the time of preparation for childbirth you had better go to the regimen of moderation. Absolutely all of the tasks of the enterprise, you will not be able to solve, but the responsibility for your mental and physical condition lies entirely on you.