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How quickly cure a cold baby

Colds are children of all ages. And during the cold season cold symptoms manifest themselves more than once. But in order not to "heal" the baby pills, various syrups and other chemist's means, it is better to resort to natural healing methods.

How quickly cure a cold baby

You will need:

- vitamin drinks; - Sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, coarse salt for inhalation; - Set to compress or mustard; - Water, lemon juice (vinegar) to cool off at.

Instruction how to quickly cure a cold baby

Step 1:

The baby quickly recovered, focus its efforts on improving immunity and caring for a sick child. And of course, symptomatic treatment - Reduce the temperature if necessary, eliminate the cough, runny nose and sore throat.

Step 2:

If your child has a cold accompanied by fever (above 38 ° C), use either pharmaceutic antipyretics or natural. For example, you can wipe the baby's whole body acidified warm water and cover with a bed sheet, and a few minutes later with a blanket. Repeat this procedure every half hour. Instead of lemon juice you can use vinegar in a ratio of 1 teaspoon a glass of water.

Step 3:

Often, and gradually let the baby to drink. The body needs more fluids to flush out toxins. Besides a warm drink is useful for pain in the throat. Cook only delicious drinks to baby drink it with pleasure. For example, fresh carrot and apple juice, cranberry juice with honey, tea with raspberry, lemon and honey. When dry cough, let's warm milk with mineral water, with wet cough - milk with honey.

Step 4:

If nasal congestion in a child, if the temperature is not raised, do warming procedure. On either side of the nose wings attach bags with warm salt. Heat increases energy and helps prevent purulent rhinitis. When current from the nose bury carrot juice. Near the pillow put the chopped onion, and change it after each airing of the room.

Step 5:

When you cough, again, if the temperature is raised, make a hot compress on the chest or put mustard. But to this unpleasant procedure did not cause indignation the baby, do not moisten them with water and apply to the skin dry. Then they will be longer warm.

Step 6:

Make inhalation child. Haskalah in a frying pan large salt, add the eucalyptus, sage or rosemary. And after the plant will start to emit fragrance - Put the pan on the side below the bed level. The smell will begin to rise up and penetrate into the airways baby. Repeat three times daily. This tool is perfectly helps with coughing.

Step 7:

Several times a day, ventilate the baby's room. Fresh air cleans it of pathogens and, in addition, has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. In the cold season, at the time of airing, blow baby in another room. During warmer - keep the window open constantly.

Step 8:

The outcome of any disease depends largely on the care. Therefore, it is your child, not only symptomatic treatment, but also psychologically cheered him during his waking hours - tell stories, read books, sing songs, talk more. Nothing improves the immune system, both positive emotions. Of course it takes a lot of time and effort, but your physical and emotional costs to fill the baby's health.