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How quickly gain weight baby

The normal weight of the child is one of the indicators of its well-being and development. Shortage kilograms may be due to health problems, poor digestion of food or individual characteristics of the crumbs. In any case, gaining weight should be gradual.

How quickly gain weight baby

Instruction how to quickly gain weight baby

Step 1:

Change the child's diet. If it is too small, feed him porridge. They contain a lot of nutrients and minerals that contribute to normal development and growth of the baby. Due to the high amount of carbohydrates cereal allow fairly quickly put on weight.

Step 2:

Start feeding with rice and buckwheat, which can be safely given with 4.5-5 months, and then add them to oatmeal. Just enter them in the diet gradually, starting with one tablespoon of and bringing up to 150 g to 7 months. You can also add a bit of porridge stewed vegetables such as pumpkin or carrot. Cook porridge better on the water, sometimes adding a little milk.

Step 3:

Along with cereals do not forget to feed your baby meat, fruit and vegetable puree, which contains the necessary minerals. Thanks to them, in the body of a child go missing vitamins and digestive tract will work better.

Step 4:

A more adult children let nutritious high-calorie foods, which include fish, meat, cereals, potatoes, dairy products, nuts and bananas. Only need to prepare them with a small amount of fat, and best of all - to give boiled or baked form. And in any case, do not feed the child junk food, semi-finished goods or fatty foods, otherwise you can easily spoil your stomach. Carbohydrate-rich foods with fruits and vegetables.

Step 5:

If the cause is a shortage of weight loss of appetite, try to keep the child spends as much time as possible outdoors and move a lot. Perhaps, then, it is desired to work up a square meal.

Step 6:

Remember that a child's weight is also different, as the weight of an adult. If he feels fine with missing kilograms comfortably sleeps and very active, do not worry. Do not force him to stuff food and stretch his stomach, just make sure that he ate balanced.