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How quickly put the baby to sleep

Laying baby in bed for many parents is a big problem. And many fees to bed or falling asleep for a long and exhausting mom and baby. But that pipsqueak quickly went to bed, it is necessary to accustom him to the regime and, in addition, everything to facilitate relaxation.

How quickly put the baby to sleep

Instruction how to quickly put the baby to sleep

Step 1:

The baby fell asleep quickly, accustom him to the regime. Put him to bed in the same hours. Over time, the child will get used to this routine and to the position of the time he will seek to cushion.

Step 2:

Do not limit the movement of the baby in the apartment. Not enough energy is wasted not give the baby to fall asleep quickly. He will toss and turn in bed as much as he had to spend on the game.

Step 3:

For 1-2 hours before bedtime, do not allow active games and strong emotions. Also undesirable watching TV. Excessive agitation will lead to the fact that the child is still some time to digest in mind everything that happens in the coming hours. This will lengthen the phase of falling asleep, and sleep will make restless.

Step 4:

Before going to bed to bathe the child. Water has a favorable effect on the nervous system, relieves stress, and most importantly - cleanses baby's skin, which during the day is accumulated sweat. After all, kids are mobile enough, so the formation of sweat on the body for them - it is a normal phenomenon. With a sense of lightness in the body of the baby fall asleep faster and sleep will be stronger.

Step 5:

If the baby still can not fall asleep on their own, strongly contributes to this themselves. Do stroking on the head or on the back. It soothes, brings sleepiness. As a result, a dream come faster.

Step 6:

In the evening, quickly put the baby to sleep before going to bed helps tale or a lullaby. But after it is best to turn off the light or turn on the night light and go to bed or to create visibility. It works for sure. When the baby is asleep, you can get up and continue to go about their business.

Step 7:

To the child's sleep was strong, for the day be sure to walk, and during sleep the window open to cool the room was. Alternatively, if the street is cool, ventilate the room before going to bed.

Step 8:

Do not let the child before bedtime acidic fruits and juices. They enhance the formation of urine. As a result, the baby may wake up to ask for a pot.