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How quickly stop lactation

There are many reasons why a woman is necessary to interrupt lactation. First of all it refers to the urgent hospitalization, prescribing incompatible with feeding the baby, and weaning the baby from the breast. Choosing a method of interruption of lactation, it is not necessary to rely on the experience of friends and acquaintances, the main adviser should be your doctor.

How quickly stop lactation

You will need:

- diuretics; - Sage; - Mint; - Drugs ceasing lactation.

Instruction how to quickly stop lactation

Step 1:

The quickest method of cessation of lactation is a drug or a medical method (use of these drugs as a bromkamfora, mikrofollin, norkolut, djufaston, utrozhestan etc.). Use it only if you really need to stop milk production sharply. The dosage of the drug itself, and check with your doctor, because these medicines mostly have a rather serious side effects. Remember, and that they have a lasting effect and may complicate lactation after the birth of the next child.

Step 2:

Slightly reduces the production of food intake restriction and fluid milk as lactation depends on the amount of the hormone prolactin, contained in the body of lactating women. Remember that the quantity of milk produced may be reduced only under strong exhaustion, but in this case, you are risking to get into the hospital with a strong dehydration.

Step 3:

Pretty effective reception of infusion of sage and mint. Use it for cooking can be as herbs and specially packaged tea bags. If for any reason you can not make an infusion, replace the products, which include the mint.

Step 4:

Get rid of excess fluid, you can help and diuretics (for example, a decoction of leaves, cranberries, elecampane or basil). However, you should consult in advance with your doctor as to their reception there are a number of contraindications, especially if you have kidney disease.

Step 5:

The entire period of wear is not very tight, supportive breast? underwear. If required pumping, wait for the complete filling of the breast. Then hands or use a breast pump to express milk until not experience a sense of relief. Do not try to completely empty the breast, it is only you prostimuliruete it to develop a new portion of milk.

Step 6:

If there will be swelling and / or you feel discomfort in the chest area, apply a cold compress or wrap the chest (eg, juicy cabbage leaves or cool buttermilk-soaked gauze). Be sure to see a doctor in the next few days in order to avoid possible complications.