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How quickly weaned from the breast

Occasionally there are times when a child refuses to independently and safely breastfeed. Therefore, the question for many moms, how to wean the baby from the breast is quite relevant.

How quickly weaned from the breast

Instruction how quickly weaned from the breast

Step 1:

To wean the baby from the breast gradually. First replace one meal a day with another product. Then replace and evening feeding, then the morning. Thus, you leave just before breastfeeding day and night sleep. Each replacement of the wire during the week. Pay attention to the food that you give your child instead of breast milk. It should be tasty and useful.

Step 2:

To weaning from breastfeeding took place less painful for the baby change and feeding ritual. For example, change the place of a meal, try not to change with the child.

Step 3:

Do not wean your baby from breast milk too quickly, it can cause him discomfort. There is nothing wrong if you give a child the breast, when he is scared or excited. But try to find other ways to soothe your baby.

Step 4:

Try to feed your baby her milk from a bottle. Gradually he realizes that suck out of it a lot easier, and he refuses the breast.

Step 5:

During the period of weaning a child from breast-feeding, do not leave a long time out of the house. It will be a double stress for him.

Step 6:

Do not wean the child from the breast, and when he is sick, he is teething or after vaccination.

Step 7:

Try to take to reduce lactation. To do this, drink less and eat foods that promote milk production. Most express. Work out or take special medication reduces lactation.

Step 8:

If the baby does not want to give up breast-feeding and constantly acting up, then wait a little bit and choose the most appropriate moment

Step 9:

In no case do not use the grandmother's method of weaning the baby from the breast (nipple greasing mustard, green paint, etc.). This will only add yourself the hassle and the child a strong emotional stress.