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How quickly weaned from the breast of the child

Mother's breast milk is very important for the child in the first months of his life. But sooner or later there comes a time when the mother realizes that her baby time to move to self-catering. There are situations when weaning should occur quickly, such as in the case of mother's illness, her destination potent medications or exit a woman at work. Quickly to wean the baby from the breast - not an easy task.

How quickly weaned from the breast of the child

Instruction how to quickly wean baby from the breast

Step 1:

Change the usual feeding conditions. If you've fed your baby in the nursery, transfer it, for example, in the bedroom or living room. Try to change the very form of supply: turn on quiet music, tell an interesting tale crumbs or history of life, sing a song.

Step 2:

Let sleeping child lays dad, so the baby will not see your chest and feel the smell of your favorite treats. Happy spend with your baby as much time coming up with new games and entertainment for him, trying to distract him from thinking about the milk. If a child will still remember about it, tell him that the milk has ended, but instead offer crumbs delicious compote, juice or tea.

Step 3:

If your baby is not getting his usual portion of breast milk, crying, and requires the chest, try to distract him with something. Read the book with him, play his favorite game, listen to music. After entertainment crumbs pour a cup of tea or juice. Perhaps by this time he had already forgotten about her request.

Step 4:

Starting to feed your baby, it does not offer the breast, and other foods, such as mashed potatoes, soup or milk mixture, if the crumb is still quite small. Then supplementation his chest. Thus, already satiated, the child will have your breasts less time than usual. Gradually increase the food portion. So the baby will get more and more necessary for saturation of food and eventually the need for supplemental foods disappear.

Step 5:

Choose vibrant feeding baby cups and bottles with beautiful pictures. Of these, it will be much more willing to try new foods than from faded and dull.

Step 6:

If you feed your toddler is not scheduled and on-demand, you have yet to establish at least some kind of schedule. You do need to understand what time you need the kid to go hungry. Have a small snack crumbs, which is used as, for example, carrot juice, if he starts to swear and to demand food, without waiting for the next feeding.