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How should gain weight a child under one year

During the first year of a child's life every month examines the pediatrician. One of the mandatory procedures is weighing. According to the results the doctor concludes that, as the baby is gaining weight and whether the additional power it needs. You can self-assess your baby's weight gain.

How should gain weight a child under one year

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Instruction how to gain in weight a child under one year

Step 1:

Regularly weigh your baby in a baby scale. In their absence use a floor: stand on the scales without a child, remember your weight, then take the baby in his arms and weigh them together. Subtract the result from your body weight, and you will know the child's weight. Do not try to track the increase every day: to get an objective picture enough to do it 1 time per week.

Step 2:

In the medical literature one can find different methods of calculating the child's body weight to the optimum year. According to one of them, on average, a healthy full-term baby should add 800 grams per month, that is the formula for calculating the orientation is as follows: M (r) = m + 800n, where m - the child's birth weight; n - age in months.

Step 3:

Another method involves a gradual reduction in the monthly increment of 50 g, starting from 4 months. For convenience, be guided by the following indicators: 1 month - 600 g; 2 months - 800 g; 3 months - 800 g; 4 months - 750 g; 5 months - 700 g; 6 months - 650 g; 7 months - 600 g; 8 months - 550 g; 9 months - 500 g; 10 months - 450 g; 11 months - 400 g; 12 months - 350 g

Step 4:

Children gain weight in different ways: someone is overweight, some less. If your baby is gaining weight more slowly than expected, it is likely that he eats or not sick, so be sure to consult your doctor. The pediatrician will prescribe you a feeding scheme, in which the baby needs to be ensured in full, because malnutrition can lead to delays in motor development.

Step 5:

You yourself can calculate the approximate amount of power (V), which is to get the child every day, focusing on the formula: - for children under 2 months: V = 800 - 50 (8-n), where the n - the child's age in weeks; - For children older than 2 months: V = 800 + 50 (n-2), where the n - the child's age in months.

Step 6:

If the child is gaining weight more put, do not worry that it overfeed. The kid himself knows how much he needs milk or formula, and if they eat too much, then srygnet. In addition, not all children are gaining weight evenly: in the first months of the child can add a lot, and in the following - is less and it is not a deviation from the norm.