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How to achieve harmony with the children

Harmonious relations between people are possible when the parties feel that they are on an equal footing. This applies to both adults and children. In every age the child should be given to understand that it is on one side of you.

How to achieve harmony with the children

Instruction how to achieve harmony with the children

Step 1:

In any conflict situation, observe the principle of mutual respect. Even if you're absolutely right, do not put the child svomi statements or actions. Do not use the phrase "I know better", "When you grow up - then you will make decisions", etc. Learn to listen to the arguments of his child, and explains why the chosen solution to this problem is more convenient and profitable... Be able to retreat in time, if the reasons given child will be more convincing.

Step 2:

Respect and observe the child's personal space. Their personal belongings - books, crafts, movie discs, etc. -.. This is their world. Room - their territory, and the only thing you are entitled to claim from the child, it is to maintain good order in it. Do not forget to make a strong case for the fact that all things were in their places. This is primarily should be comfortable for the baby, and then to you.

Step 3:

Do not forget that children and adults respond differently to the same circumstances. And some words can not accept the way you are. So be cautious in their statements, sometimes accidentally said a rude word seriously hurt fledgling child's psyche.

Step 4:

Respect the child's choice: one or another circle or section, one or the other literature. Children sometimes are quite unlike their parents and do not have to share their hobbies. And do not attempt against his will "make" a child of the person of the profession, which they themselves dream about, but never realized their dreams. As a rule, imposed by occupation or hobbies only lead to the fact that people wasting their time and effort.

Step 5:

Often talking to him about his love, and spend as much time as possible together. Come up with a family tradition, for example - is collected in the output as a family and discuss the results of the last week and plans for the coming days. Moreover, the right to vote even provides the smallest participants of the "Meeting". The child should feel a full member of the family and be for her own, all possible for his age responsible.