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How to acquaint the child with new husband

Unfortunately, sometimes marriages fail. And a woman with a child wants to build their lives on. To acquaint the child with a new friend - not an easy task. After all, the first impression means a lot. As the meeting should pass them to get along?

How to acquaint the child with new husband

The child is not just to let someone into the world, where they are so good together with my mother. Often the competition begins, caused by jealousy. Man is perceived as an outsider who takes the mother's attention and wants to destroy them set life. There are a number of conditions, compliance with which will help to make the first meeting of the least painful for all. It is not necessary to acquaint the child with every man liked. If you are confident in your candidate for the hand and heart, you can start preparing to meet you.

1. Timeliness 

Do not be known to the child before moving to your men. It must be done in advance. After all, you do not want to suddenly come to you live some stranger? Introduction to happen in advance. Suitcases on the doorstep, and a phrase "This is Andrew, he will live with us" - Will not work.

2. Psychological preparation

Tell your child in advance that you want to introduce him to his new friend. No need to arrange surprises. Adjust the child a pleasant and interesting meeting. Do not place any restrictions, without conditionalities. Let the child behaves naturally. This is not her husband or a child bride. It's just an acquaintance of two people.

3. The Meeting Place

It is better if the introduction occurs at the neutral territory. This place should be interesting for the child, and imply joint activity. For example, outdoor games on the air, an interactive tour of the museum, creative or culinary master class for the whole family - the main thing that everyone liked this occupation.

4. Tune mom

Most likely, you'll have to worry whether they like each other, whether to take the baby (or toddler is not) your vote, if your man is disappointed? Remember that the child reads your emotions. You are disturbing - and he starts to worry, and will connect this voltage to new acquaintances. Be calm and confident. And the place you have to like to familiarity, to make you feel comfortable. Another good option - meeting in a big cheerful company, which will be both familiar and new people. They are there only to meet and cross a couple of times for the event. This communication should be a pleasant and unobtrusive. In this scenario, the next meeting will take place less stress. 

5. Gift

Actually, it is practically important. Will or not - decide for yourself. You want your baby like a man, not a toy? Communication is much more important.

6. Feelings of child

Remember that is a challenge to the child. Take a man who, as he may seem, wants to pick up his mother. Let him be upset, offended or even angry. He has the right to these feelings. Sometimes it is worth paying attention to his opinion - he can see and feel something that you have not noticed. After the meeting, be sure to discuss new friend, allow the child to express their feelings, does not break, do not reproach him if he says is not what you wanted to hear. Give him time to get used to the changes. The main thing is that the kid feel that you love it as much as before.