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How to acquaint the children with the city

Respect and love for their homeland, country, people laid in childhood. The task of parents - to develop these feelings in a child from an early age, but you should start with an introduction to his native city.

How to acquaint the children with the city

Instruction how to introduce children to the city

Step 1:

On the way to the kindergarten and back to study with the child street where go. Pay attention to your baby objects passed by: the trees and bushes, roads, buildings, bus stops, shops, kiosks, etc., explain their purpose. If you need to cross the road, parallel to teach the child the rules of the traffic, the values ​​of the traffic light colors.

Step 2:

With the change of the seasons mark a change in the child, taking place in the environment and with familiar already objects: yellowing leaves on the trees in autumn, covered with snow branches, snow caps on the roofs of winter houses, melting snow and punched out from under him the grass in the spring, puddles on the road after a summer rain.

Step 3:

Explain to your child the name of your street, as well as those in which you go more often. Tell us what or to whom it is due, what person or event is dedicated or after which named. For example, passing on Gagarin Street must remember that he was the first astronaut and the Boulevard Railway talk about those who help to travel to other cities and countries.

Step 4:

Taking a walk with the child in city parks, squares, memorable places, on the quays, show him the beautiful historic buildings, lights, flower beds and fountains. Ask your toddler to describe a place where it is - it contributes to the development of speech and creative thinking. Walking should be not only entertaining, but also informative: for example, in Victory Park tell the child about the Great Patriotic War and the victory of our people, and on the flower square and the alley will learn the names of colors.

Step 5:

As they get older the child acquainted with the historical and architectural monuments, drive it into art galleries, exhibitions. From time to time visit the History Museum or the Museum of the city's history: the first time it is difficult to catch a large amount of information, and getting older, the baby will be able to understand and relate the museum exhibits and historical events.

Step 6:

Walk with a child on city tours, the zoo, botanical garden, aquarium, dolphinarium, planetarium. Kids love entertainment, so do not forget about the amusement parks, the circus and puppet theater performances or Young Spectators Theatre.

Step 7:

Not ignored citywide festivals (Carnival, Sabantuy, Flower Festival), and special activities for children (Children's Day, Christmas trees). Such events are very pleased with the children for a long time and are deposited in their memory.

Step 8:

During walks and excursions do not forget to take pictures, and when viewing pictures, discuss them with your child - it will help him to remember the place where you walked, and objects that are seen.