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How to adopt a child from his first marriage

You have decided to start a family with someone who already has a child from her first marriage. But after some time for you this kid is not just friends and family, he becomes truly yours. This fact can be fixed legally, having simple steps for registration of child adoption procedures.

How to adopt a child from his first marriage

You will need:

- application for adoption; - Passport - a marriage certificate.

Instruction how to adopt a child from his first marriage

Step 1:

First of all, discuss it with your spouse, in order to continue to seek agreement on the adoption of a documentary. It is essential that this acknowledgment was officially certified by a notary or in a city or district administration office for child custody. To adopt a child need both parents agreed.

Step 2:

If the biological parent in the previous marriage was officially deprived of parental rights, and for the moment is not the child's rights, then you can begin to make out the adoption procedure according to the law. If the biological parent is deprived of his rights was not, before the adoption issue, you will first have to, respectively, to achieve its abandonment. Of course, to receive such consent from the child's parent is a challenge. Try with your current spouse make a convincing case for the need for this step, and that your actions are directed in the interests of the child and its future. It is better and easier it will be to cope with the further steps of adoption, if you reach an agreement in this matter, without having to appeal to the court.

Step 3:

If one of the parents to give you the right to adopt a child, contact the court for deprivation of parental rights. The ability to deny his biological parent's parental rights legally can only be in one case - if the parent is not systematically perform their duties, for example, in the case of evasion of alimony payments. But the procedure of collecting evidence is quite complicated.

Step 4:

Consult with a claim to the city or the district court at the place of registration of the child. In a statement, specify the following information: - the circumstances and rationale for the request for adoption of a child; - Information about the child's parents and the child: name, surname and date of birth, information on the place of residence (location); - A request for change (if necessary), surname and patronymic of the child, adoption application, making the data of the adopter as a parent in the assembly record about the birth of the child; - One of the documents: the consent of the biological father / mother, certified by a notary public or a court decision on deprivation of parental rights. At itself also needs to have the following original documents: - passport or other document confirming the identity of the applicants; - Child's birth certificate; - Marriage certificate.

Step 5:

In the event of a positive decision by the court, the district or the city registry office will issue a birth certificate with the new data have your baby.