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How to adopt a child in Russia

Child adoption in Russia is a long process. Often it is delayed not only the fault of the employees of the guardianship authorities, but also unknowingly the candidates for adoptive parents. To avoid possible errors, it is better to get to know what is waiting for you ahead.

How to adopt a child in Russia

You will need:

- passport; - Autobiography; - Certificate of no criminal record; - Medical certificate of health; - A copy of the marriage certificate; - Documents confirming the ownership of the premises; - Certificate of employment or a copy of the declaration of income.

Instruction how to adopt a child in Russia

Step 1:

Write a statement to the guardianship and custody of the desire to become an adoptive parent for a ruling on the matter. On the basis of the documents submitted in two weeks you will receive an opinion on the possibility or impossibility to become an adoptive parent. Be prepared for the coming of the Commission, which will amount to an act of your living conditions.

Step 2:

If a positive decision, you will put on record as the adoptive parents of the candidate. In addition, you will provide information about children who can be adopted. The body care, take the direction to visit the children. If you have not picked up the child in the region, you can apply to any other guardianship authority anywhere in the Russian Federation.

Step 3:

With the help of the federal data bank on children left without parents. To do this, write a statement to provide information about children with specific data (age, sex of the child, nationality, etc.), attach the conclusion of the guardianship authority that you are allowed to become an adoptive parent, fill in the form, where in addition to the standard information ( full name, place of residence, passport data, etc.) indicate the wishes of the child, who would like to adopt.

Step 4:

After reviewing your documents you will present information about the child according to your wishes. If you agree, you will receive the direction and able to visit the child. On the results of a visit, you must notify the database operator. Database staff will regularly inform you about the appearance of children, satisfying your requirements. You are obliged to attend personally liked children, to get acquainted with their history, the medical report on the child's health condition.

Step 5:

If you choose a child, please contact the court for an adoption. The application in addition to the standard documents should be accompanied by a copy of the marriage certificate, consent of the other spouse (if someone adopts one) or birth certificate, if the adopter is not married. Additionally, select which data you would like to change - the surname, first name and patronymic of the child, his nationality, date and place of birth.

Step 6:

In case of positive consideration of the application for adoption, the court will send all the data to the bodies of the registry office to make changes in the child's documents. You will be issued a certificate of adoption and the child's birth certificate.