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How to adopt a child of her husband

The child has become a husband to you mother. He calls your mom, but in his birth certificate, in the column about parents indicated a very different name. And if the same child does not know anything about her real mother, it is time to seriously think about adoption, to avoid future problems and a lot of unpleasant moments.

How to adopt a child of her husband

Instruction how to adopt a child of her husband

Step 1:

And the first thing to face is getting the consent for adoption by his mother. There are two possibilities: - biological mother fixes his consent to your child's adoption by a notary; - Or does the same in the management of child custody at the place of registration rebenka.Esli the child's mother is not eager to give such consent from any motives were, then contact the court for deprivation of parental rights of the mother. And the court granted such a claim, you must be a good reason and evidence complete unwillingness to even dodge his mother from the child's upbringing. Ideally, the best endeavor to resolve the issue by peaceful means, without resorting to court assistance. Otherwise, the case may take a long time. Try to reach an agreement with the child's mother, find the right reasons and the right motivation. Most likely you will be able to do it much more quickly than to wait for a court decision on deprivation of parental rights.

Step 2:

If you managed to obtain the consent of the mother, write a sample statement of claim in the District Court for adoption. The complaint Describe the situation in detail and provide their personal data: education, workplace, salary, location and accommodation and t.d.Dalee collect the necessary documents. In addition to the consent of the biological mother (or a copy of a court decision on deprivation of parental rights) and your own claim for adoption you will be required: - a copy of the marriage certificate; - A medical report on the state of your health; - A document confirming the right of use of premises or the ownership of the premises. - A certificate of good conduct; Depending on the situation, the court may require a response from their jobs, earnings statement, consent of the child (if he was 10 years old).

Step 3:

On the basis of a positive court decision, at the nearest branch registrar, you can change the data in the child's birth certificate. Now you can rightfully be called a mother.