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How to adopt a child one parent

Currently, adoption is one of the most preferred forms of family education of children who are without parental care. Adopt and raise a new family of another child - a noble cause, but it is very difficult and responsible. Therefore, the adoption of the state is put under strict control.

How to adopt a child one parent

You will need:

Submission of an application to the Court, compliance with the requirements for adoption.

Instruction how to adopt a child one parent

Step 1:

Adoption is permitted by law only in relation to minors who have not yet reached the age of eighteen. Solely in the interest of their court makes its decision. For adoption (adoption order) of the child, then set the same legal relationship between the parties, adopted him and relatives of these persons, as well as the relationships that are provided by law for parents and children.

Step 2:

Adoption may be made only on the adoption of the conditions established by law. Such as: - you need to provide the requirements for adoption; - In some cases, require parental consent to the adoption of the child or persons acting in their stead; - Adoption requires the consent of the child who has reached the age of ten; - Consent of the spouse of the adoptive parent in case the child is adopted by a single parent.

Step 3:

Russian citizens, who wish to adopt a child have to go to court with the appropriate application, which is necessary to accurately enter information about yourself and about the selected child, who want to adopt, the known data about his parents, brothers, sisters, other relatives, as well as information on compliance adoption conditions (attached additional documents). It is necessary to provide more number of documents on the adoption of a child: his birth certificate, a medical certificate about his health, physical and mental development, and others.

Step 4:

According to the RF Law on the Adoption of the established order there. A parent who wants to adopt a child must have with him the difference is not less than 16 years. Himself adoptive parent must be at least 18 years.

Step 5:

A child who is adopted by a single parent receives an additional fear of losing him, because he's no one else, and not to wait for help from anyone. Most often, the child is adopted by single people already mature for their age. For example, if the child is adopted by a woman who often already has a career and well-being sufficient, then it is the desire to be desired, loved and important, thus filling out their inner emptiness.

Step 6:

As for the men, they often adopt grown children. Such actions on the part of men tend to grow around the world and reflect their struggle for their rights in matters of children's education, from which they were removed a few. Usually, this divorced man or the ones that have a bitter experience in personal matters.