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How to adopt her own child

Adoption own child often confronts fathers not married to the child's mother at the time of his birth. Father may decide to establish the paternity of a child at birth, and after, and even to itself.

How to adopt her own child

Instruction how to adopt their own child

Step 1:

So, the first thing you should do - post declaration of paternity. The application is submitted father and mother of the child is not located between a married person in the body of civil registration. If the mother is incapacitated, deprived of parental rights, there is no information about her whereabouts, as well as in the event of death, you apply yourself. In this case, you must first obtain the consent of the guardianship authority.

Step 2:

Post a joint statement on the establishment of paternity, you may like to register a child, and after. If before the birth becomes clear that, for whatever reason, the joint submission of an application may be difficult or even impossible, file a claim during his mother's pregnancy. And in this case, attach to the application a document confirming the pregnancy. To issue it may medical organization in which there is a woman, or a private medical practitioner. In this case, establishing paternity is carried out on the basis of this statement when issuing birth certificates.

Step 3:

If for any reason you or the child's mother will not be able to attend in person to apply, the signature of the absent notary reassure.

Step 4:

If the mother is in official marriage with another person, attach a statement of her husband that he is not the father of a child born to his wife.

Step 5:

If you decide to register your relationship with the child's mother by marriage, adoption will happen automatically in the case of your consent. In this case, the certificate will be amended accordingly on the child's birth.

Step 6:

Finally, in any of the following payment options state. the fee for the state registration of establishment of paternity.