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How to arrange a child in the garden without a residence permit

Admission of children in preschool institutions is carried out in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, in particular the number 3266-1 from 07.10.92. and the laws of the Russian Federation. RF Government Decree of the number 666 of 12.09.08. changes, additions and model provisions for the admission of children and the acquisition of pre-school institutions. To arrange child in kindergarten, you must apply to the district municipality and provide a list of documents.

How to arrange a child in the garden without a residence permit

You will need:

--Certificate passport and photocopy of birth and photocopy -zayavlenie unified form -Documents beneficiaries

Instruction how to arrange child in the garden without a residence permit

Step 1:

In the cities, especially in metropolitan areas, you can get on a waiting list for a place in kindergarten, if one parent has a permanent local residence. In small provincial towns try to negotiate and put you on the waiting list at the time of registration or at the actual place of residence. The exceptions are the children of military personnel. This category of children put on a waiting list for a place in a kindergarten on the actual place of residence, regardless of the city and the region in which they live.

Step 2:

Therefore, if you want to place a child in an institution, it is necessary to issue a permanent record of at least one of the parents. Register in any city is not much of a problem, since the media are filled with ads from various companies and individuals who offer this service for a reasonable amount.

Step 3:

Then contact your local authorities. Present passport and a photocopy of all its pages, a birth certificate and a photocopy, fill in the application form. If you have some benefits, you must provide documents concerning the existence of benefits.

Step 4:

Benefits for the extraordinary provision of places in kindergarten are: single mothers, large families, involved in the fighting, children whose parents were orphans, adopted and placed into guardianship, children of employees of Justice employees who died in the line of duty, children with people with disabilities or who have parents with disabilities or disabled person in the family has.

Step 5:

If you live in a provincial town or in the countryside, you can contact the administration without a residence permit or a temporary registration. Most often, the parents can not agree to put their children on the waiting list for a place in kindergarten.

Step 6:

If no options with registration and without registration on the waiting list is not set, it is always possible to find a way out of the situation. Now a great number of private kindergartens, home groups or, in extreme cases, you can hire a nanny.