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How to arrange child in kindergarten

The artwork child in kindergarten farsighted parents become involved almost from the first months after his birth. This is due to the fact that at present the number of seats in state pre-school institutions, unfortunately, limited.

How to arrange child in kindergarten

You will need:

The application for admission of the child to kindergarten, child's birth certificate, proof of residence, copy of passport

Instruction how to arrange child in kindergarten

Step 1:

Initially, the parents should decide what kindergarten to arrange child. Consider several options, because you may find that in your chosen kindergarten in the next two or three years already painted all. The variant with a long wait, you can see if the child is still very small. Then visit the preschool and meet personally with the head. It will have a direct relation to the reception and registration of documents for admission of the child. Read the garden area, make sure that you are satisfied with all the details, and you subsequently do not want to because of the previously unnoticed flaws in the site or in the room to transfer their child to another preschool.

Step 2:

When the decision is made, or go to the Commission for acquisition of public preschool educational institutions or in the Education Department or other agencies authorized to make a statement of the child's enrollment in kindergarten. Learn about how you will be faster and easier to apply, you can contact the head of the kindergarten, those who have recently dealt with this issue, or in a department of the district, city or county. To request accepted, you must provide a passport of a parent and a birth certificate malysha.Posle writing and submitting the application you will get a notification, which will provide an estimated date of beginning kindergarten the child and the name of the preschool, where he recorded. After half a year (if the child until that time had not yet gone to kindergarten), you can call and invite to confirm submitted application.

Step 3:

Once you will be informed about the possibility of enrollment in kindergarten, you must contact the clinic in the community for medical examination child. Medical card can give both a pediatrician's office, or directly at the kindergarten in a nurse. Professionals who need to conduct a survey of the child: a neurologist, surgeon, orthopedic, ENT, optometrist, children from three years - a speech therapist, a dentist. In addition, a pediatrician referral for tests. Map signed at the head of the clinic, and then you can lead a child to kindergarten. In addition to medical card with you, you must have a statement of vaccinations, medical insurance policy, a copy of the baby's birth certificate and copies of parents' passports. It is also possible you will be asked to provide proof of residence.