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How to arrange child in kindergarten without queuing

The question of the child device in kindergarten care expectant mothers long before his birth. Even if you just put the baby on the place - it does not guarantee his admission to preschool. Because like you hundreds (and sometimes thousands) and places sorely lacking. If you do not have time for any reason, get on the waiting list, do not despair.

How to arrange child in kindergarten without queuing

Instruction how to arrange child in kindergarten without queuing

Step 1:

Arrange to work in a kindergarten. Then take your baby at any time and without problems. Only you have to be prepared that you will be offered an inappropriate status of your post. For example, you have a higher education, and only open vacancy junior teacher. In this case it is necessary to neglect their ambitions. In addition, the salary is not high. If this does not suit you, you can once again go to the decree (if you plan to) over time. Perhaps other developments - getting increasing through the ranks. But in this case, if you like working with children.

Step 2:

Choose a pre-school with an average status. Of course, every parent wants to send their child to a prestigious kindergarten. Arrange the baby in such an institution is problematic, even if you are standing in line. A no choice in this case.

Step 3:

Naladte relationship with the head. Not everyone knows, but usually on the first of September in a set of 2-3 groups remain free space. Therefore, agreeing with the head, it is possible to get a start in kindergarten. Usually, the parents are asked to provide financial assistance to the institution in the form of cash or gifts. For example, you are asked to buy a washing machine, toys and anything else. You can accept or refuse - you choose.

Step 4:

If you belong to the privileged category of citizens, you have to take your child to kindergarten without queuing. Of course, in this case, generally say that there is no space. You do not believe it. It is calculated to legal illiteracy person. Show that you know something and do not intend to deviate from the target. Have read an excerpt from the relevant law. As a last resort you can complain to the administration of the city, in the outreach department.