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How to avoid infecting the baby

Infants harder to tolerate any respiratory disease, nasal passages because they are much narrower than those of adults, and mucous thinner and softer. Because of this, the slightest inflammation can cause respiratory disorders. Further complicate the disease can a weak immune system from birth. Therefore such young children must be protected from all possible sources of infection.

How to avoid infecting the baby

Instruction how to avoid infecting the baby

Step 1:

The source of infection for the infant can become even own mother. Despite the fact that it transmits baby with breast milk antibodies that strengthen the immune system crumbs, yet a number of viral infections is difficult to save, so you should exercise extreme caution, especially in the cold season.

Step 2:

If there is no special need to avoid staying in areas with large concentrations of people. Even without an infection, you can become a carrier of the infection, to which a small child is much higher sensitivity and lower the body's resistance. In winter, be sure to use a mask or cover your nose with a scarf.

Step 3:

Despite the need for regularly scheduled visits to the pediatrician, to be wary of this event. If the visit is unavoidable, come to the clinic to receive top to quickly leave the room where healthy children are present on a par with the sick. Before leaving the house, brush yourself and your baby nasal passages oxalic ointment. It will create additional protection from viruses.

Step 4:

Follow the climate in the child's room. Dry air can cause drying of the nasal mucosa in a child, as a result of it will be more susceptible to the effects of harmful bacteria. For humidification of the room hang 1-2 wet diapers and at least moisten their dry again. This is especially necessary to do in the dry, hot weather, as well as a strong heating in the winter. In addition, regularly open the window (the window). Fresh air is good preventive maintenance of respiratory diseases in children.

Step 5:

If someone in the family got sick, do not let them in the child's room until full recovery. In the case of own illness every time before you go to the baby, wear a mask. In addition, lay in the nursery and in the entire apartment chopped onion. Volatile contained in it, well destroy the bacteria.

Step 6:

To prevent colds in infants often walk. Good ventilation improves resistance to pathogens. In cooler weather, make sure that the baby is not supercooled. Wear it warm and cover your nose scarf, if necessary, but not tight. During the summer, spend on the streets a lot more time and among the greenery.

Step 7:

The baby was a healthy, tempers it with the birth. Every morning, make it the gym, massage, wipe with water, arrange air and sun baths. These procedures are developing physically and emotionally strengthened.