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How to avoid swelling during pregnancy

Edema - a fairly common phenomenon, occurring in almost every other pregnant women, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy. The reason for this is increased pressure in the veins of the legs, the pressure on the pelvic veins growing uterus, as well as the inherent pregnant fluid retention in the body. Most swollen legs in the evening, and the process is exacerbated in hot weather.

How to avoid swelling during pregnancy

Instruction on how to avoid swelling during pregnancy

Step 1:

To prevent the occurrence of swelling you need to watch your weight. Reduce your intake of fatty foods, salt and semi-finished products. Do not overdo the sweet and soda. Include in the diet foods that have a diuretic effect. These include: celery, apples, parsley and citrus. It improves circulation garlic and onions. It is useful to eat foods rich in vitamin C (red pepper, potato, melon, cabbage, strawberries) and E (corn, soybean oil, sunflower seeds and almonds). Do not limit yourself to accept water. Daily fluid intake should be approximately 1.5-2 liters.

Step 2:

To prevent swelling, you should rest as much as possible. At this time, put your feet on the platform, so that they are above the hips. When standing work transcends to improve blood flow to the feet. Do not sit, putting one leg over the other - impaired blood flow can lead to the formation of trombov.Pridya home, ask the husband or someone else to make you a light massage. Massage the legs from the feet to the knees, using a neutral oil. Useful considered lavender and cypress oil.

Step 3:

Among the popular methods to eliminate edema special place deserves cabbage (especially with the leaves dark green). Attach cleaned of dirt, but not washed vegetable leaves a swollen leg sections. Cabbage leaves pre-cooled in the refrigerator. When they are wet, apply to the new legs. Cabbage leaves pull excess fluid, and the procedure can be repeated as neobhodimosti.Esli you're cholecystitis, drink of tea from dandelion roots. And quit smoking, because, according to doctors, smoking also contributes to the formation otekov.Oteki may be prerequisites for more severe disease. Therefore, when they are detected, be sure to tell your doctor. He will establish the cause of their appearance and prescribe effective treatment.