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How to baptize the child

The rite of baptism came to modernity from distant centuries and is considered the spiritual birth of the person. This ritual washes away original sin to the child and makes it pure before God. How to christen the baby to observe all the rules of this first sacrament?

How to baptize the child

Instruction how to baptize the child

Step 1:

According to the tradition of the Church to baptize the baby should be on the eighth or on the fortieth day of his life. But not always possible to withstand these periods, so it decided to baptize a child under the age of six months.

Step 2:

The very first thing you need to do in preparation for baptism - is to choose for the godparents of the child. Pick up these people where you are sure to be able to continue to maintain for the life of your child, to educate him in the spirit of orthodoxy. Godparents must be baptized themselves. Note that the role of godparents can not act as the child's parents, the couple - husband and wife at the same time, but grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives are suitable for this role. According to custom, the costs borne by the manner of the Cross. In addition, the godmother gives an outfit for the ceremony, and the godfather - pectoral cross.

Step 3:

The second - pick up a temple in which you want to perform the rite of baptism. Christen children on any given day, both in the post and on holidays. If you want to assign a specific time, then talk to the priest or ministers of the church in advance. Talk about your interesting moments. Also find out whether it is possible to photograph the temple sacrament. Note that in the big church holidays in the central temples are always a lot of believers, and the procedure will be delayed significantly, it can be tedious for the child. You may want to pick up a small church located near the house.

Step 4:

Dress to the temple must be discreet, be sure to take the women kerchief or scarf to tie down. Skirt length should be below the knee.

Step 5:

The procedure itself takes on a special christening ceremony. You are the servants of the Church suggest that you need to perform. The first time the rite the priest puts his hand on the baby, it is a symbol of what the Lord shall protect the baby.

Step 6:

Then the priest three times immerses a baby in svyachenuyu font. Do not worry, the baby does not catch a cold water temperature always 36-37 degrees.

Step 7:

After that, the sacrament of Confirmation, and the priest crosswise cutting hair baby. Then the cross dress the child in a special white shirt and carried around the font three times.

Step 8:

After the baptism of the parents invited the guests home and family to celebrate this significant event for the family.