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How to bathe a baby girl

Young parents should know how necessary to carry out the right of the newborn child. For frequently asked questions are questions about bathing the kids, especially girls.

How to bathe a baby girl

Instruction how to bathe a baby girl

Step 1:

Bathe baby girl before it is needed, but in any case after, because after feeding the baby falls asleep. Very convenient is the time before dinner. To the child does not feel hungry, while his bathe, give him the juice before bathing.

Step 2:

For daily bathing select the most warm place without drafts (such as a kitchen). Remove the hand rings, watches, bracelets, so as not to scratch the delicate body of the newborn. Prepare a towel, soap (non-alkaline), cloth, if necessary powder or oil, cotton diapers. Bath put on the table. Check the temperature of the water, it should be about body temperature (32-38 degrees). Water is poured into the tub quite a bit. To the bottom did not seem slippery, lay a diaper. Overcome your fear, and the baby will not seem to you quite helpless. If possible, ask for the help of their relatives (mother or husband). After a while, you will feel much more confident.

Step 3:

Well keep the girl. Start washing the face and head, while using cotton wool. With soap and water wash the head twice a week. Then the body soap hand, pay special attention to skin folds. Take your time and do not rush the child, enjoy a swim. Mandatory hygienic procedure is cleaning the girls. Wash only the ears, but not the ear canal. The eyes are washed with tears, which are formed continuously. Healthy eyelets does not require rinsing. The nose is clean with a damp cotton swab rolled up flagellum.

Step 4:

Wipe the girl, slowly, with a soft towel. Try not to rub and wet. Navel carefully wipe a sterile cotton swab. After bathing, use powder (talc), if the child's skin is sensitive and easily irritated. Dry skin baby can be removed with a special oil.