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How to be a conflict with a teacher of kindergarten

For parents, their children - the best. By sending your baby to kindergarten, they hope that it will be comfortable there and have fun. But there are situations when due to misunderstanding or other causes of conflicts between parents and educators.

How to be a conflict with a teacher of kindergarten

Instruction how to be in a conflict with a teacher of kindergarten

Step 1:

Talk with your child at home and specify exactly what he does not like in kindergarten. Kids - big dreamers and you do not just make a big deal. But if the child is crying and repeatedly complains of a particular teacher, then you should look into the situation.

Step 2:

First, talk with the teacher and listen to his point of view and see how your claim is justified. Sure, you have a clear conviction as to properly educate their children, but in the pre-school has its own requirements, operation and teaching methods. The provider performs the work, following established standards and in compliance with the job descriptions.

Step 3:

If the cause of the conflict is insignificant, try to reach a compromise. Warn educator regarding the behavior of your child, tell me what to do if the baby starts to act up or indulge. Tell us about your favorite games and hobbies of the child, check the features of his character and temperament. Thus, you are a little facilitate the work of the teacher, to smooth out the situation and will save your nerves.

Step 4:

If you think that the caregiver is not fulfilling their duties or their actions harm children, complained to the head of the kindergarten. In the event that the teacher actions threaten the security and health of the child, go to the Department of Education or the police. After checking to unscrupulous teacher will apply strict measures, including dismissal. Fortunately, such drastic methods require extremely rare.

Step 5:

Try to discard personal sympathies. If you do not like the look of age or teacher - that is no reason to find fault with his work and in conflict. If your child is having fun goes to kindergarten, you can see that he has achieved success in the development - this is the best assessment of the work of the teacher.