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How to be a good kid

Good children - joy of parents, their support in old age. The child, if he loves mom and dad take care of their health, think about their behavior in the family and outside of it in the early school years. But this push to have to give it parents, his upbringing and love.

How to be a good kid

Instruction how to be a good kid

Step 1:

If Mom and Dad say that you are better prepared lessons and listened to the teachers in the school, they care about your future. All decent parents want their children did not experience problems and difficulties in life. Good education - is the foundation for the start of your career. Therefore, listen to the words of the parents and try as far as possible do better in school and in other educational institutions.

Step 2:

When you prove that smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs can not, it does not mean that the mother and father hide from you something interesting, accessible only to adults. It only means that they are worried about your health, about your future life, which will be much better off without those bad habits. Trust and parents, and medical and crime statistics. Any good nicotine, alcohol and drugs do not lead.

Step 3:

Bring Mom and Dad happiness, peace, joy and peace. Protect from anxiety, resentment, grief and stress. It's all in your power and authority. The main thing is that the way you do and your future more successful and happy. Taking care of your parents, you thereby are preparing a platform to build their future family.

Step 4:

Evaluate your desires and actions in terms of their elders. For example, pausing with his friends in the street, do not forget to call my parents so they are not worried about you. If the mother is tired at work, wash the dishes after dinner - it's not difficult, but it's nice for the beloved mom! Be interested in the affairs of the pope, try to share his passion, if you are a boy. Experience the beauty of spiritual union with someone, collecting inventory for hiking and fishing, talking about the mysteries of the universe at the flickering fire.

Step 5:

The girl will be able to learn from my mother all her feminine secrets and tricks to make the region self-care and behavior in society. Assist parents in housework. Even small, but always carry out the duties of great benefit.

Step 6:

Always inquire about the health of loved ones, to notice signs of fatigue and bad moods. You can easily help their parents care - Bring a cup of fresh tea mom, cover blanket dozing dad, tell us about their success in school. Do not forget to prepare a nice little gifts for the holidays. Baby a lot of interesting and useful things can make your own hands, you just have to look for the right information and make the effort.

Step 7:

On the morning of desire beloved parents a good morning and a good day, and at night a good night and good dreams.