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How to be a good mom

A good mother one that is happy with their children. At the same time the concept of components of happiness at everyone. You must, first of all, for ourselves to determine the "comfort zone". And, perhaps, the most difficult thing in this case - to find a good compromise between the interests of the child and your "private life."

How to be a good mom

Instruction how to be a good mom

Step 1:

First Stop comparing yourself and your child with other moms and their children. And do not try to fit yourself and your family under the common stereotypes of "goodness." You and your child have the right to be themselves and live as you like.

Step 2:

You will hardly feel happy, if you try to "embrace the boundless": to maintain perfect order in the house, to cook, to engage in upbringing and education of children, work, and when it should be time for herself and her husband. With such an installation is very easy to paint yourself into a stressful state, which would not be good either for you or your child.

Step 3:

Set priorities for yourself and your baby. In the first place, of course, it is something that is vital for the child: care, providing health; maintain proper order and cleanliness in the house (but without fanaticism). In second place - a healthy and positive state of the mother. On the third - Supports a healthy family atmosphere and comfort. And then all the other things.

Step 4:

Understand for yourself that it includes these items from your point of view and follow it, despite the opinions of others. Take for yourself what your vision of caring for the child and the house may be different from the point of view of mom, girlfriend, mother-in-itp The main criterion - it is how you feel, baby and father of a family.

Step 5:

Of course, there are some rules that must be followed when dealing with a child, especially when he is a little older, and your life is already going on one plan. Always find time to talk and play with your baby. Ask how his day went, tell us about his experiences.

Step 6:

As long as the child is necessary, put him to bed. Kiss, hug, tell him that you love him. Read or tell the story. Give your child feel your love, attention and care. If they are expressed only in feeding, brushing teeth, and move between home, garden or school, circles, and the rest you will not have neither the strength nor the time, it is unlikely that your child will feel happy.

Step 7:

Always try to understand your child, look at the situation through the eyes of his. This will help you avoid many misunderstandings and quarrels and ensure confidence in the child, which is a must for good parenting. Talk with your child at his level, ie if you want to - sit down. This is especially important in "showdown".

Step 8:

Motivate the child in the performance of required actions (housework, cleaning toys, learning, lessons, etc.). It is possible to introduce a system of points and rewards. While awareness is not at the proper level - this will save your time and nerves. But do not get carried away, not to get a situation where for any child to have effect would be to require the award.

Step 9:

Often praise the child, try less to shout at him. Respect the person in it from the very young age. Criterion really good mom - warm, trusting relationships in the family and the child's reciprocal desire to please their parents and show love.