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How to be a wise parent in a crazy world

The modern world is very swift and changeable. People are always in a hurry, get a lot of information daily, master new technologies and try to take all the best from life. But even in this crazy world I want to be wise and parents to vaccinate their children maximum efficiency, light and good.

How to be a wise parent in a crazy world

Instruction how to be a wise parent in a crazy world

Step 1:

Love your children, regardless of their success or failure. The child must be assured of unconditional parental love and support, this is a very big support and impetus in life.

Step 2:

Communicate with your child. Do not dismiss him, despite his busy schedule. Sincere interest in his life, ask how his day, gently tells how to behave in a given situation. If the child is not enrolled, be sure to tell him about it. Due to such a confidential conversation, you will win the trust and respect of his child, and in a difficult moment of his life he was come to you for support and advice.

Step 3:

Respect your child. He has personality, though is small and, he has his own thoughts, feelings and desires. Keep it in all matters and enthusiasm, praise for victories and achievements, and are not strictly criticized for temporary setbacks. Spend time together, pass the child experience. Be consistent in their actions, because the personal example of parents - the basis of the children's education.

Step 4:

Give your child the freedom to choose. Listen to his opinion and let within a reasonable own decisions. If a child wants to do something specific, such as music or sports, give him that opportunity.

Step 5:

Do not tell the kids insulting and cruel words: "You grow bum" or "That's Victor - a good boy, and you idiot and troechnik!". Such phrases can reduce children's self-esteem and develop a child's weight complexes.

Step 6:

Speak sincerely and convincingly. "You're not a greedy boy, think about how to divide the pears on all children!", "I know you have me smart and capable child and, if to think well, be sure to decide this problem!" - Words make a child believe in themselves and inspire new achievements.

Step 7:

Do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness for their hurtful words spoken rashly, or unfair actions, because the parents are just people, they are tired, angry and make mistakes. Children are very othodchivy and gladly forgive you.