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How to be closer to children

Children grow so fast that their development often takes place with little help from the parents. But the children respected their elders and do not forget about them, you need to spend more time with them and take an active part in the upbringing. There are certain techniques to be closer to children.

How to be closer to children

Instruction how to be closer to children

Step 1:

Walk with your child every day. Even if you are very busy, it is advisable to go for a walk with the whole family at least once a week, and let this be your little ritual that is sure to give results. Go to a pizza or sweet shop. This is an ideal opportunity to openly talk and play with a child who at the same time be able to have a good rest.

Step 2:

Relax with your family in the countryside. Organize a picnic on the spacious meadow and play with your child's outdoor games. If the children are old enough, you can organize a bike ride to the nearest town. Do not forget your camera and immortalize all the happy moments of the trip.

Step 3:

Watch movies and cartoons along with your child. Let him feel that you have with him similar interests. This will help you to be closer to children and always be aware of their little secrets, which they are happy to share with loving parents.

Step 4:

Tell stories of his youth. Children love interesting stories, especially if they involve people and objects that they know. Depending on the age of the child tell him interesting or funny story from your childhood or adolescence, from which we can learn a lesson.

Step 5:

Watch for their appearance, together with the child. In the morning, you can make a hairstyle for your daughter or son, brush your teeth and choose the outfits together. This will increase the trust between you and your children and allow children to teach good habits.

Step 6:

Share your most SMS-messages. If the children are already quite adult, and they are allowed to have a mobile phone, send them messages from time to time. This is a very fun and modern way of communicating. But do not overdo it with maternal love and care in his letters.

Step 7:

Listen to music with your children. At older ages, children and, of course, young people like to listen to music. Try to find out what their favorite style, performers, groups. Ask each of you to make a list of your favorite songs and share them. You can offer the popular music of the past, and in return get a list of contemporary compositions. Thus, it will help you to be closer to children and their inner world, and the child, in turn, feel in your soul mate.