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How to become a cool mom to teenage son

Teenagers can be very hard, and even harder sometimes to their parents. No matter how you tried to be a good mother for a teenager, it still will perceive you as a boring person who wants to make it worse. But you can behave in such a way that in the older age your child, remembering the years gone by, will think of you as a great mother. What you need to do?

How to become a cool mom to teenage son

Do not try to rejuvenate and make friends with the child, it may confuse him and others.

When he comes to visit friends, do not disturb him, provide an opportunity to do their own thing.

Sometimes loud turn your favorite music, even if your child hates it.

Lead your own life, invite your friends, communicate, walk.

If it is possible, with the child watch movies and eat popcorn.

If the child wants, then you can go with him on a trip.

Once again, when he does something stupid, it is not necessary to read him a lecture that he had done something unnecessary. Just tell me, what it is that in the future this will be a lesson to him.

Allow the teenager to make important decisions in his life.

As long as the teen room is not a biological threat, let it be there. Clean, propylesosennye floors are not constant bickering.

Sometimes letting go of the child wherever he was never allowed to, and resolve to do what used to be unlawful, but only within reason.

Always ask for the opinion of the child, when he responds, listen carefully.

Hugging and kissing the baby, make sure that he knew that he was loved.

You should know that eventually everything will fall into place.

And most importantly - you have to trust your child, the children is very feel.