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How to behave in the kindergarten

Your child began attending kindergarten. Naturally, this is a very difficult step for him. The baby quickly accustomed to preschool, he needs help. And that parents should teach their child to behave in a kindergarten. Start preparing for this period must be long before entering kindergarten.

How to behave in the kindergarten

Instruction on how to behave in kindergarten

Step 1:

Usually in kindergarten children go with the already-formed self-service skills. So, they must dress and undress themselves, to walk to the toilet, to be able to use cutlery.

Step 2:

Many parents try before they send their children to preschool, home to rebuild the entire regime under the daily kindergarten. And rightly so, because the child is able to easily wake up in the morning, is in strictly defined hours, ie, observe the daily routine.

Step 3:

It is important that the baby was asleep in the afternoon. Begin gradually restore the nap. This may take a lot of time, but the baby only benefit from this.

Step 4:

Try to constantly instill a son or daughter of kindness, ability to communicate, sense of teamwork. It is very necessary qualities, as in kindergarten all the toys will be common, and your child will be forced to comply with the general requirements.

Step 5:

Follow all the requirements of the educator - from job training to learn the poem to any costume for the holiday. The child should not feel worse than others, envy them, or to be ashamed of their parents.

Step 6:

In no case did not find out the relationship with the tutor in the presence of a child. Try to establish close contact with the teachers. This will always be aware of all the events, as well as help to avoid many mistakes in the upbringing of the child.

Step 7:

For the first time in kindergarten child can not behave quite right, but it is not necessary to blame. Kid still does not understand what is wrong and what is good. So you just have to understand the situation together.

Step 8:

If the baby quickly learns communication skills with children and games, it is very good. These children adapt to Kindergarten is quick and painless. When a child is already used to the kindergarten, parents will learn it from the behavior of the child. He will quietly go to sleep, to get rid of nightmares and fears. He also zaimeet lot of friends who will be willing to play.