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How to behave with a child 10 years

Preteen - is not yet a teenager, but not the kid. He has an opinion and trying to resist his parents, defending their point of view. It is important to get in touch and build a trusting relationship with a young person.

How to behave with a child 10 years

Instruction on how to behave with a child 10 years

Step 1:

Become his friend to the child. Communicate with him, a genuine interest in his life. Listen to the children's opinion, does not dismiss the child, citing the employment or fatigue.

Step 2:

Talk to difficult and uncomfortable topic. Spend a conversation about the dangers of drugs, as well as smoking and alcoholism. Be open and sincere answer to all the questions which have arisen at the child. Such conversations are not easy, but they are necessary. Children need to know that in difficult situations, they can always seek help from parents.

Step 3:

Spend more time together. Walk to the cinema, exhibitions, sport. Even a quiet evening at home is very board games brings family. Travel and spend your summer vacation actively, to have the child left a lot of impressions from the trip and emotions.

Step 4:

Involve the child in domestic work. At the age of ten, he should actively help their parents. Secure the child perform a specific homework. Do not give up on children's care, even though it initially will be awkward. Most deal with cases together, so that you pass your experience.

Step 5:

Be careful when dealing with the child. Do not say insulting words and do not belittle the dignity of the young person. Do not compare your child with other children more successful, it is very hurt child's mind, and such resentment can not be forgotten for a long time. The phrase, "What are you stupid, you can not solve the elementary problem" replace the other: "I know what you're capable boy. Eesli again carefully read the terms, you will certainly decide the problem. " You love your child, regardless of his achievements. Do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness if you hurt him or unjustly scolded. Children's heart is very responsive, and the child you just forgive.

Step 6:

Keep your children in their hobbies and pursuits. If a child is interested in something specific, such as sports or music, provide conditions for practicing it. Praise your child for successes and failures with cheers. For children it is important to the understanding and approval of the parents.