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How to behave with children of preschool age

At preschool age formed the foundations of behavior, moral values ​​and character that will unfold in full in the future. Therefore, parents need to build a trusting relationship with their children and prepare them for life in society.

How to behave with children of preschool age

Instruction on how to behave with children of preschool age

Step 1:

Start preschool education with instilling basic moral values ​​to them: the concept of kindness, compassion, friendship, respect for elders, mutual assistance and support. Read children instructive poems and stories where good triumphs over evil. Most role-play games that teach cooperation and mutual assistance.

Step 2:

Explain the rules of polite behavior. The most important thing - it's a personal example, if the parents are considerate and polite, say "thank you", "please", "sorry", then the child will imitate them and quickly learn basic rules of behavior.

Step 3:

Teach your child the discipline and self-reliance. Kid should clearly understand for themselves that in all his words and actions will have to answer sooner or later. Tell us how to conduct ourselves in the collective need - so you mentally prepare your child for school. Children who go to kindergarten, it is easier to adapt to school life. With household kids need to hold preparatory talks.

Step 4:

Encourage your preschooler to work. Let the kids help you and practice develops useful skills. Be patient, explain to the child how to properly do something. Show him a few times until he understands - so you pass him my experience. Over time, charge the child perform simple household chores.

Step 5:

At the age of 5-6 years, children begin to ask them to buy a pet. Agree that the child itself will take care of the animals or to determine in advance what the obligation to care for a favorite completely fall on the shoulders of the baby. Communication with animals teaches children kindness, responsibility, friendship and compassion.

Step 6:

Tell preschooler about safety rules. This is very important and will protect your baby from many troubles, or even the present troubles. Spend a conversation with him about the rules of the road: in what place to cross the road, what do the colors of traffic lights. Tell us how to behave with strangers. Learn how to use gas and electric appliances. The full trust and friendly communication with children will help you avoid many problems in the transition to adulthood.