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How to behave with the child, if he does not know you

Coming to visit friends and relatives, you are communicating with their children. Most adults who do not have their own children, are lost on a huge number of children's issues and unusual requests. Ignore the children's interest can not, so you need to prepare in advance to communicate with them, because you may need your help and a neighbor's child in the yard.

How to behave with the child, if he does not know you

Instruction on how to behave with the child, if he does not know you

Step 1:

Everything - both adults and children are worthy of respect and sincere attitude. Of course, you do not have all night at a party to conduct a game of Lego with a strange child, but politely introduce the little man, and answer a few questions you may well be able to.

Step 2:

No need to "lisp" and distort your speech, imitating the baby talk. The child should hear correctly constructed phrases and literary words to learn to speak correctly. Avoid profanity and slang expressions.

Step 3:

Usually the girls are drawn to the spectacular appearance of women, and boys tend to communicate with gay guys. When meeting with a foreign child not allow familiarity, he should respect adults. So try to teach the kid only good, this will help you develop games that are sure to have in the house of friends.

Step 4:

Do not force the child's parents of their training methods. If you allow your child to eat candy secretly excess, thereby undermining the credibility of his mother, who forbade their child to overeat sweet, and do harm to his health. Obey the rules of the house where you came for a visit. If you think that children are raised properly, give parents a book written by an authoritative author-educator.

Step 5:

The child may behave aggressively - shoot pellets out of the gun, to select a handbag, pull the hair. In this case, no need to shout and swear, put the child beside him and looking into his eyes, quietly tell you it was painful and unpleasant. Check that behave as enemies, and no one wants to buy them, it is better to remain friends.

Step 6:

Often children are unfamiliar, if you communicate with them with pleasure and answer tricky questions, you can entrust your secret. Do not give out secrets harmless parents. If the essence of the "secret" in a secret smoking or truancy, try to convince a child not to do it anymore. Tell us about your case of life when such pranks seriously harms you.

Step 7:

At the next meeting to find out how things are in the child. Be warned that it is still your secret, but if progress is not, you will need to ask for help from his parents. Children do not just consult with adults, so they ask for your help. Do your best to provide it promptly and carefully in relation to the child.

Step 8:

Share with the children in the courtyard of their abilities, skills and knowledge. If you are organizing children and do some beautiful bird feeders, break the lawn, it will all benefit.