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How to behave with the doctors in the children's clinic

Visit the children's clinic - a mandatory event for children of all ages. And given the fact that the kids are sick, trips to the clinic are frequent. It is therefore necessary to develop a strategy to communicate with doctors.

How to behave with the doctors in the children's clinic

Instruction on how to behave with the doctors in the children's clinic

Step 1:

First, determine what type include your doctor. If the doctor comes to the treatment of your child with a purely formal side, limited to a cursory inspection and prescription drugs, then you think of the visit of the doctor, as a purely formal procedure. Be polite, considerate, not scandals and edifying conversations. After all, your district doctor engaged in hospital discharge sheets and directions for hospitalization. If you suddenly need to get some kind of medical document, it can remember your past claims, and the process of registration of the securities will be delayed.

Step 2:

Treat the advice of the doctor should be with great caution. If it is not a qualitative examination, then the chances of misdiagnosis. This means that the prescribed treatment can harm your baby. Therefore, if you are "fixed" for a doctor practicing a formal approach to the treatment, then parallel to consult with another specialist. And you will see that their opinion for obvious reasons will often diverge.

Step 3:

There is another category of doctors. They honestly examine your child, politely talk to you, but you will be assigned a number of expensive drugs and advise the pharmacy in which they need to buy. Maybe it's just coincidence, and your child can do to cure only those medicines. Or maybe an enterprising doctor has a percentage of sales of the drug. No matter what point of view you are not inclined, do not rush to blame the doctor in the "conspiracy", and write complaints involve regulatory authorities. Call in help pharmacies to find where the highest and lowest price of the medicine. And buy the drug where it is cheaper.

Step 4:

Well, if you happen to get to the diligent, experienced and qualified professionals, who really loves children, treat this person with due care and respect. Such a doctor you can consult on various issues, know you are interested in medical information. But do not fall asleep him with questions. If you have the doctor phone, do not distract him from his work on the little things, to call in case of emergency. In gratitude for their help and sympathy doctor congratulate on a professional holiday.