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How to bottle feed the newborn

If for some reason the child breast feeding is not possible for the mother to feed the crumbs from a bottle. To correct feeding is important to observe hygiene and procedures.

How to bottle feed the newborn

You will need:

- bottle; - The nipple; - Sterilizer or vessel of boiling water.

Instruction how to bottle feed the newborn

Step 1:

Sterilize the bottle and pacifier by boiling or expose treated by placing them in a special sterilizer. This will remove and prevent the formation of bacteria which hit in the gastrointestinal tract is extremely undesirable baby.

Step 2:

Verify the integrity of the nipple. If necessary, replace it with a new one. Optimal teat change every 2-3 months. Make sure to match the child's age. So the number of holes on the teat for infants creates a flow passage or a mixture of milk, which is not suitable for feeding an older child, and vice versa.

Step 3:

Prepare a mixture of strictly following the steps listed in the instructions. Let your child only freshly prepared food.

Step 4:

If you are going to give the baby expressed milk taken from the refrigerator immediately before feeding it warm up. To check the temperature of the liquid, apply a small drop of it on the wrist. The milk should not be cold or hot.

Step 5:

Sit down, took the baby in his arms so that he was as comfortable as possible. Make sure that his language was under the nipple and her lips covered it at the base. To power with the baby does not swallow air, keep the bottle in an inclined position. Otherwise, the air going into the stomach to take part in its volume, and cause a false sense of satiety. And when a couple of minutes pipsqueak srygnet air, he again feel hunger.

Step 6:

After the feeding, hold your baby in an upright position, gently patting or stroking her hand over his back until he srygnet. Clean cloth, wipe the baby's face, removing food residues.

Step 7:

After eating, rinse the bottle and teat with warm water. Do not use for washing and cleaning of children's tableware detergents containing abrasive particles.