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How to breathe during labor and birth

Proper breathing during labor helps women to considerably facilitate the process and to relax a little. Many experts refer to it as one of the key elements, so better to master the technique.

How to breathe during labor and birth

Instruction how to breathe during labor and birth

Step 1:

At the beginning of labor necessary to adhere to such equipment on four counts inhale large amounts of air through the nose and into the six bills out through your mouth. Of course, it takes in these situations can be difficult, so just remember that the breath should be a bit faster than an exhalation. Exhaling, fold his lips. This will allow you to maximize calm down, relax and fill the body with oxygen.

Step 2:

After the fight will become more frequent and intense, speed up breathing, using the following method. Imagine how dog breathe and try again. Slightly open your mouth and try to do intermittent breaths. Do not worry, you'll look ridiculous, because experts understand the benefits of this type of breathing.

Step 3:

When attempts to start, rely on an obstetrician. He is a professional and knows exactly what you need to do and how to breathe during labor and birth. Most often used technique, which is called "the breath for a candle." The idea is that you have to sharply inhale nose large amount of air and then blow through the mouth with the effort. Imagine that you blow out the candles.