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How to bring a man out of a boy

Most often parents remind his son that he is the next man, when the baby cries. "Do not roar, men do not cry!" It may be said, and offensive, "What are you crying like a girl!" As if the only difference between boys and girls in the ability to cry. As if the main task in the boy's upbringing to teach him to control his emotions. In fact, the most important in the education of a boy lies in a very different.

How to bring a man out of a boy

Instruction of how to bring up the boy a man

Step 1:

The main skill for a boy to learn to trust their parents and son to be able to express this confidence in a child. The boy, so he grew a worthy man, you often say, "We believe in you!", "Try it, you will do it!", "I know you can do it yourself!" It is especially important to monitor the level of their confidence in the boy's mom . The desire to take care of and protect, so naturally every mother should be kept under strict control. A good exercise for this can be a scheduling of the work that the son can do yourself. Every day in this plan must appear at least one new item. Well, if at the end of the day my mother will discuss with the boy, how many cases today, he made himself, without help from an adult.

Step 2:

To bring up the boy from the man it is important to nurture in him respect for women. Here the leading role played by the father. If Ivanov Sr. will be gallant, courteous, polite and eloquent, and then Ivanov Jr. will take over this behavior. And it will happen fast enough. Even on the playground will be seen "inherited" the attitude towards women.

Step 3:

Drinking from the child's family is formed, based on the life of his parents. Therefore, quarrels with the child should not be. We must strive together more often to rest, to spend with each other longer. Learn to compromise. Appreciate every passing day.

Step 4:

Ever since early childhood, the boy's mother should think about the fact that it is for the child not only my mother, but also the closest representative of the female sex. That is what will see the son of his mother, seriously affect his attitude towards women. So my mother always need to try very hard to be in shape - well-groomed, smart, beautiful. No leaky sneakers and filthy robes. Mom - the main woman in the life of any man - to be beautiful always.

Step 5:

It is important to fill the boy's life worthy role models. Choosing child sports club, parents should personally meet with coaches and teachers, to attend one or two classes. After all, the teacher will be and personal example. What did he teach?

Step 6:

Grandpa can give important instructions to drive his grandson in a museum. Talk about the heroic personalities grandfathers work out the best of the family. Besides museums acquaintance with prominent personalities can be arranged with the help of books and magazines.

Step 7:

The boy did not just face "can not cry" ban in life. This is required by the public opinion, although the medicine recognizes the dangers of excessive and prolonged suppression of emotions. In order not to violate the laws of society and maintain the health of his youth, you need to teach a child to give vent to the emotions of others - but tears - by. For example, through sport, drawing or design. There are whole procedure "release of emotions." It is important to find the right for your child.