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How to bring an athlete

A good athlete must possess a number of qualities without which withstand the load, to achieve high results, to compete with rivals, but also to endure the temporary setbacks and recessions would be difficult. Sporting success and regular exercise the child is largely determined by its desire to actively engage. But do not underestimate the physical abilities of children to a particular sport. Parents need a responsible approach to the choice of employment and to understand, first of all, whose is the choice - or their child.

How to bring an athlete

Instruction how to raise an athlete

Step 1:

Serve your child a good example, are engaged in regular exercise. He must see sports equipment at home. Every morning do exercises with him, from which the child will have fun and positive emotions. Dance, jump, squat, do a variety of exercises, through which it will have a good plastic, it will learn to keep the balance.

Step 2:

Several times a week visit the pool with him. Try to go for the weekend out of town and play in nature in outdoor games. Walk the whole family into the stadium, run, invent different funny relay.

Step 3:

If your child gets used to regular exercise, will love mobile games or sports, will take a hike in the gym as something necessary, then his body will run like clockwork and carry different loads.

Step 4:

Great importance is given to feeding the future athlete. It should be complete and include all the necessary nutrients and elements. Remember that carbohydrates are the main source of muscle energy contained in sugar, glucose, starch and berries. A lot of protein in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products. Be sure to feed your baby in the breakfast oatmeal.

Step 5:

Record baby on section. It is important that he liked the sport, which he does. Watch and discuss with him various games and championships, attend competitions, together choose the sports form and attributes. He should always feel your support.

Step 6:

Rejoice each small sporting achievements of the child and any victory. Praise and encouragement, you can encourage him to reach even greater heights, and when he will feel the taste of victory, you will not be able to live without it. This will be his main motivation for sports.