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How to bring morality

What is morality? This is an internal setup man, based on his choice between good and evil, good and bad. It is necessary to bring morality to the very young age.

How to bring morality

Instruction how to raise ethics

Step 1:

Morality - is not only a rejection of evil deeds, but also a conscious desire for goodness and creativity. This love for the world and people as an expression of the free will of man. In a general sense it is the dominance of good over evil, of labor laziness, selfishness over collectivism.

Step 2:

Tells the kid fairy tale in which good triumphs over evil. The child thinks in images, so it is important to endow characters striking features. Let your fairy tale evil bloodthirsty dragon beheaded and good hardworking girl happiness awaits. Keep the story is not detached: Your tone should match the context.

Step 3:

When the child grows up, he read the stories and tales of Leo Tolstoy. The situations outlined classic, perfectly illustrate the best examples of morality.

Step 4:

Serve your child a good example. Keep a low profile and quiet, do not start a family scandals. To give all possible help to people who find themselves in a difficult position. Include your child in the good and bad deeds of others, but at the same time try to remain objective.

Step 5:

Develop the kid a sense of responsibility to the team. Show him an example of how to share with other people treats, toys, and other interesting things. The child of primary school age can already be charging a small but important things: an eye on his younger brother, go to the store for bread, etc. If the baby cope with the task well, do not forget to praise him. For errors and mistakes tactfully specify, but do not scold the child.

Step 6:

For the correct formation of the child's personality is useful to keep the animals in the house, which will be able to take care of the baby. This can be fish, turtle, dog or cat. Caring for a baby with a pet, show him an example of respect for nature and all living beings. If some child does their actions hurt the cat is strictly to inform him about it and put a stop to his activities. He must understand that destructive behavior is frowned upon by society.