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How to bring the child abroad

To go abroad with a child - it has become rather commonplace. However, sometimes when crossing the borders of the Russian Federation, you have may have some problems. And they are connected, as a rule, that border services officers do not want to let your children out of the country, who does not appear on the hands of the necessary documents.

How to bring the child abroad

Instruction how to take the child abroad

Step 1:

If you want to always travel with your children, then you need to enter them into your valid passport. To do this, you should visit the Visa Office where you will receive a passport and make the desired entry. In this procedure, there is one feature: if your child is older than seven years, is one such record is not enough in your passport you must also and paste a photo of your child. This rule does not apply to children under seven years. However, it often happens that the border guards do not let the country of parents with children, which is only five or six years. They explain this by saying that the picture is needed kids from the age of four.

Step 2:

Do not forget that with fourteen years the child must have an individual passport. Otherwise, he will not have the right to leave.

Step 3:

The most difficult from a legal point of view the case is the removal of the child out of the country by a parent or third party. To prevent unauthorized actions in this direction, the border guards need to provide parents of a notarized permission to leave the child. When it comes to single mothers, they child's birth certificate is sufficient to provide that they can take in the registrar office.