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How to bring up baby

Universal answer the question of how to raise a baby, can not be in principle. Every child is unique and requires an individual approach. Compliance with some of the recommendations will facilitate relationships in the family and will help to grow successfully in the future of man.

How to bring up baby

Instruction how to raise baby

Step 1:

For a child to feel confident, respect for him as a person must be traced to the earliest days of life. Despite the fact that the child is part of their parents, it is not required to conform to someone else's desires or mechtam.Dazhe the youngest child deserves respect. No matter how insignificant or ridiculous it may seem to parents demands, the last one must remember that character is formed from a young age. At the same time directly involved in its formation is simply a series of phrases "you do not get" and "leave me alone, do not bother to adults."

Step 2:

No less impact on the education of children in the family has a total family atmosphere. Employed in use phrases related to each other adult family members - all that matters. A child absorbs information that surrounds it. Do not be surprised that the word "goat" in the performance of the baby is not achieved the 3 years can not be the value, which is calculated on the parents.

Step 3:

It is best to bring a good example. This applies to all areas of life. It is difficult to convince a child to eat healthy foods when his eyes rest eat fast food. If the mother is on the phone that the pope was not at home when the latter lies on the couch, the phrase that cheating is not good for the child to be a dead letter. Parents need to reconsider their behavior, otherwise rely on the fact that the child will behave well, pointless.

Step 4:

Choice provided by adults, allows the child to grow more independent and to feel their own importance. If the kid knows what to listen to him, he feels like a complete family. Child must love, or no training will not bring results.