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How to bring up twins

At the birth of the twins parents experiencing double joy, close to where somewhere close confusion lies. Sometimes a baby and it is very difficult to educate, to say nothing of two. Mental development of twins runs like a single, but has a number of features. About half a year with the children begin to sense the presence of each other and eventually suffer the mood of another. For three years there is a distribution of functions between, and lay the foundation of their future relationship, which primarily depends on education.

How to bring up twins

Instruction how to raise twins

Step 1:

The development of the twin children significantly influences their close contact with each other. Of course, it is never boring, they are a single entity. But this is one of the most common mistakes parents in the upbringing of twins. Do not try to bring them together as one. While they are still small, the same clothes, food - all appropriate. But when the children grow up and become aware of ourselves as individuals, an approach to education should change. Encourage individuality of each. Call everyone by name and rarely make a generalization.

Step 2:

Although the twins are very attached to each other, some of them often develop competition, especially for parental love. Therefore, always pay the same amount of attention to each, accustom them to share with each other. If you praise or criticize one of them, it is impossible to compare his accomplishments or faults with a brother or sister. Compare the facts only from their own deystviyami.Ne use in raising twins corporal punishment. They do not understand why they fight each other is forbidden, and you spank their possible. The conflicts and fights between a twin and not interfere constantly. The less you have to put your mind, the less often quarrel between twins. Do this only as a last sluchayah.Kogda children begin to speak, give their speeches as much attention as possible. Gemini is repeated not only speech of adults, but also imitate each other. So try to competently and tactfully correct mistakes in speaking kids.

Step 3:

When choosing toys preference was given to those subjects which can replace each other, so that children can use them to change. So you train them to share with each other. Toys should not be the same, if, of course, it does not touch the bicycle, rollers, etc. Uncomfortable when one kid is riding on them, and the other is waiting for his birthday ocheredi.Podarki giving different, not one for two. When choosing them, take into account the tastes and interests of each. The same applies to leisure activities. Do not give the twins without their desires in the same circles or sections. After all, one might like to dance, and other basketball and stuff. However, such methods should not concern the school. Do not breed children in different classes. Together, they will be much more convenient and safer.

Step 4:

Often parents give the twins each other. But it is important to remember that the right will give them the opportunity to communicate with peers and adults. Of course, children-twins may well do without contact with others, but because of this, they can become isolated on itself, which will lead to possible complications in adapting to the team. Very strong relationship could harm them in the future when applying for a job or building a family. Encourage their independence. Sooner or later, the twins grow up and their paths diverge for different storonam.I remember that the main tool in the education of children is considered parental love, care and attention. Prove to them that every child you see a person, and each of them is equally dear to you. Only then will you be able to raise kids properly.